Hundstage (dogs' days). It's hot. The thermometer climbs above 30 degrees C°. The sun burns hot from a blue, blue sky. The dogs remain in the shade waiting for  cooler hours. So do many of the people who live in Zurich. They may float down the river Limmat on a Gummiboot or Luftmatraze. They may go for a swim in the lake or sit quitely in the shade and enjoy a cool drink or a Gelato.

Switzerland does not have many such days (or used not to have many of them). They usually occur at the end of July, beginning of August. The country is in shut down mode as it is also holiday season. Even during the Corona summer, when many are staying in Switzerland and not travelling to the sea somewhere in the world - the city of Zurich is quiet, almost like during the Corona-lock down of March and April this year. But not so at the places where one can go for a swim or just wet one's feet...

What to do on a hot day in Zurich?

During the hot summer days - den Hundstagen - even in hectic Zurich most people aremore relaxed than usual. It may be a good time to practice your German. Waiters have more time to have a chat with you when you order your Eiskaffee. The person waiting behind you in line to order her Gelato, Glacé or Eis at one of the many ice cream stalls in the city may be a good person to ask for advice on where to get the best ice cream or where to go for a swim. 

Here you find a list of the Badis in Zurich where you can go for a swim, including special rules that apply durint these times of Corona.

And if you need help to get ready to chat with people and practice your German, contact us. We teach also during the Hundstage - face to face in a shady place or online.


Hundstage, die     dog days - hot, sultry days of summer
Glacé, die (Eis, das / Eisbecher, der), Gelato, das ice cream - Glacé is the word used in Switzerland, but also Gelato (italian for ice cream) is often used
Badi, die (Badeanstalt, die) public swimming baths - those at the riverside are free in Zurich
Gummiboot, das rubber boat
Luftmatratze, die air mattress

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