• Happy New Year 2021
    ABC German Teacher is looking forward to working with you throughout 2021. Together we move forward to acchieve your language goals and/or attain Swiss citizenship! Thank you for your trust! The ABC German Team You want to know more about our offer? Click here.
  • Jump right in…
    Hundstage (dogs‘ days). It’s hot. The thermometer climbs above 30 degrees C°. The sun burns hot from a blue, blue sky. The dogs remain in the shade waiting for  cooler hours. So do many of the people who live in Zurich. They may float down the river Limmat on a Gummiboot or Luftmatraze. They may […]
  • In times of the Corona crisis…
    … ABC German teacher is doing everything it can to guard the health of our clients and teaching staff. In one-on-one teaching we make sure that distances are kept and hygiene rules applied at all times. If so wished by staff and/or student, our teachers will wear a face shield. And: We offer all lessons […]
  • New year, new habits
    We are well into the new year and maybe some of your New Year’s Resolutions have already been quietly buried. This is what happens to most of us. But instead of getting frustrated with the short life of our resolutions, I suggest to focus on building new habits. Instead of making a resolution such as […]
  • Be ahead of the game – Make your New Year’s Resolution now